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Alondra Laundry Pillows - 1 Dissolving pillow per full load (300 Pillows per case) Free Shipping in the Continental of USA!

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7.00 LBS
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Product Description

Alondra Laundry Pillows - 1 Dissolving pillow per full load (300 Pillows per case/special online offer) Free Shipping in the Continental of USA!

 Laundry Pillows - Product Highlights  * 300 Pillows Per Case/Special online offer only - Box * Strength: 7x Concentrated Biodegradable Formula and Package


Laundry Pillows - Product Highlights


* 300 Pillows Per Case/Box

* Strength: 7x Concentrated Biodegradable Formula and Package

* New concentrated Patient Pending Formulation

* 100% Manufacture Warranty, Satisfaction & Insured - Made in the U.S.A

* Free Shipping! Anywhere in the Continental USA on this offer!


Disclaimer: Our brands, products, offers are compared to all top leading national brands in quality, strength and performance with the objective to excel in our field of competition.


Who we are:

Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, specialty chemicals, custom blends, and private labeling.


We are one of the biggest private label manufactures still under private owned status not open to the stock market. 90% of our work is providing specialty chemicals services to major corporations worldwide in the development, manufacturing, private labeling process for the industry. We currently supply the support and service to over 3,000 brand names, private labeling, and specialty chemicals to date. We are a leading chemical engineering resources in the support of store brands and private label products.


(In a nut shell: We are no one in the eye of the public, but yet we are everyone in the support of our formulas and brands, in private labeling, store brands, specialty chemicals.)


Alondra Pillows - Product Description and information:




* Made with biodegradable ionic and non-ionic surfactants

* Safe for septic systems

* 7X concentrated against our regular liquid laundry detergent formulas

* Formula proven to work for over 5 years of market tests. Works in conditioned and hard water

* Most ingredients in the formula are listed in the US EPA CleanGredient List as safe for the environment

* Use it in High Efficiency (HE), and Top Loaders laundry machines

* Quantity of detergent to use one pillow per large size load

* Formula compatible with chlorine and oxygen based stain removers

* Works with colored and white fabrics

* Works well in cold, warm and hot water applications




* The water soluble film components are biodegradable

* The outer packages are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable where facilities exists

* 7X Concentration means lower cost of transportation, which reflects on customer's cost reduction

* 7X Concentration translates in less use of fossil fuels and less carbon emissions


Use Advantages & Disadvantages:


* Pre-measured for large loads. No waste of extra detergent

* Easy to Carry around. Especially convenient for apartment buildings with laundry facilities out of the apartment, trips to the laundromats, college students

* No mess due to spills

* A Pillow dissolved in a small tray with water can be used for hand wash of find fabrics


Disadvantage: Designed for large loads. Small loads will use more than the required detergent


Laundry Pillows: Formulas & Application


Formula Components:


There are few patented formulas for laundry detergent products packaged in water soluble film for single-dose use. We have a patent pending on a new formulation method. This method encompasses several new applications, methods of packaging and other uses.


In addition to laundry, our patent scope includes fabric softeners and manual dish washing formulas, to be introduced at a later time.


In general, our detergent formulas container 60% active surfactant mixture. They are selected for functionality, biodegradability, and low toxicity to obtain a final product that is safe, biodegradable and performs well for the intended use. Our formulas are DO NOT contain NPE, DEA-containing products or Toxic Solvents. They are also Phosphate Free


The current product we are offering (single dose laundry pillow DP1) results in the same active detergent quantity than the current market leader. Our analysis of lower cost products showed they contain lower concentrations of active detergent than our pillows.


Based on feedback we've received of our own version of liquid and laundry detergents, which our customers have been using for several years with excellent results, we recommend one Alondra Laundry Pillows per large load (10 lbs to 15 lbs) of soiled fabric.


Summarizing Product Use:


* One Alondra Laundry Pillow (DP1) per load of 10 lbs to 15 lbs of soiled fabric

* Use in cold, warm or hot water

* Use in High Efficiency (HE) and regular machines

* Compatible with chlorine bleach, perborate bleach and per carbonate bleach

* One Pillow dissolved in 2 gal to 3 gallons of water can be used as pre-soak

* It works well with hard and soft water (well or city)

* Safe for septic systems (pH adjusted close to neutrality, biodegradable components and very low preservative for the formula is self-preserved due to the high concentration)


For commercial Laundry machines (such as in laundromats) Use:


* 2 Pillows for a 35 lbs to 50 lbs machine

* 3 Pillows for a 50 lbs to 75 lbs machine


do not overuse this product. Extra pillows may cause excessive foaming with no additional performance benefit.


Royel Corp WET is proud to now extend our brands in these fields, all products made in the USA, Tested, Approved, Warrantied, Satisfaction Value and insured. Alondra Pillows is a new engineered patent pending product that will meet and exceed any top leading national brands in these fields.

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  1. save money 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2017

    i have used this before it work ok but best part is you only use 1 at a time otherwise when you use cup to measure you always use more than you need
    which is wast of soap and money in most case
    i run mid size laundromat so i use more than most people