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Become A Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Re-seller

Becoming a laundry detergent fundraiser reseller is easy. Did you know Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacturer of national brands, private label, specialty chemicals and custom blends?


We innovate the future by creating new brands and products for the future. We have developed some of the strongest brand products, formulations, custom blends in today’s markets. Join our company and buy direct, make a 100% profit selling our brands.


How it works: In a nutshell!


Some of our prices for re-sellers. $14.95 per 5 gallon pail. You resell to schools, teams, organizations, churches or even the end user..

Recommended wholesale reselling price: $30.00 per 5 gallon pail. The school, team, organization, church, etc. Re-sell them for $45.00 and the school makes a $15.00 profit.


Now let’s talk about $45.00 a 5 gallon bucket of Soffia, Alondra & Rhea Detergent. At this price is over 100% cheaper than the retail market! A 5 gallon pail is 640 oz but we fill our pails to the rim which is 2 inches past the 5 gallon mark brining in a total number of oz at 672 oz.


To buy this much high quality detergent from target, Walmart, etc. you would need to buy 5 of the biggest containers you could find and you would be spending about $90.00 to $100.00


So $45.00 is a very good price. Buy twice as much for half the price.


Contact us and buy direct, the perks to buying direct! Faster turnaround time, ability to ship products at 90% discount whether it’s for yourself or your customers, stocking over 50,000 units which means if you placed an order for 10,000 (example) buckets it will ship in only 3 days. Buying direct will save you money vs. buying from a middle man. All products bought direct come with 100% manufacture warranty, satisfaction guarantee and insured. Buying direct give you the edge to a huge selection of cleaning products for all fields from kitchen to automotive, to commercial grade products.

Why Alondra & Rhea Brands?


Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacture, chemical testing and engineering lab. Quality is number one priority for us. Our blends are unique to the market.

We call our detergents all-purpose laundry detergents. Not only are they built with high quality raw materials and solids we also built our brands with odor eliminators, color safe blech, stain removers, and softeners. Meaning our brands work well under all conditions. hot water, cold water, well water, hard water, soft water, kids clothes, uniforms, towels, bed sheets, socks, underwear, workout clothes, etc.

Not only will it clean your clothes well it will eliminate bad orders and remove stains effectively.

Contact us to get started

Phone: 773-590-0722 or send us an email at: royeldealtimeinc@att.net