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Laundry Detergent Fundraiser - Run A Successful Fundraiser for schools, churches, pto, boosters, teams, and more!

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Laundry Detergent Fundraiser - Run A Successful Fundraiser for schools, churches, pto, boosters, teams, and more!

*First of all, I cannot stress this point enough: You need to know why you want to do the laundry detergent fundraiser (Royel Corp WET). You do this by answering the following questions:

1)Why do you need to raise money?

Answer the above question and you will have the source of your group's motivation and the community's effort to help you acquire the funds you need.

2)What will you do with the money you raise?

Find out what you need. Survey those who are active participants within the your organization or group.

Example: The PTA/PTO may want to ask teachers what is needed in the classrooms or administrators what is needed in the school as a whole. Then choose from the list of items that appear in the majority or allow the fundraising committee to decide amongst the available choices.

Selling laundry detergent as a fundraiser vs. other products:

If you work with us you will be able to resell our products at 100% cheaper then the retail market, stores, retail outlets. Make over 100% profit if you buy direct from us only! Its a win and win opportunity for you guys and the customers.

They buy a product they already need 100% cheaper and you fund raiser over 100% profit. off of a single sale, pail sold you can raise up to as much as 20.00 to 30.00 per pail.

3)How much will you need? This is where you create a goal.

For instance, if your goal is to raise money to purchase computer equipment, research all the costs involved (hardware, software, installation, etc.).

Also,don't forget the annual costs of maintenance and repair if you are purchasing equipment.

4)Who will be your (school, team, boosters, etc.) fundraising personnel (pto manager) responsible for:

  1. Royel Corp WET - laundry detergent fundraiser (Alondra Detergent, Rhea Detergent, Soffia Softener)
  2. Making sure order forms get to the sellers
  3. Getting information out to the public about your fundraiser
  4. Collecting orders
  5. Tallying orders
  6. Counting Money
  7. Depositing Money
  8. Handling delivery

5)One your laundry detergent fundraiser is completed contact royel corp wet and turn your order in. All orders will be invoice usually the same day. After the invoicing and payment method has been completed we will then process the order and ship it out in 2-3 business days. 

We ship at 90% discount all over the USA. This ranges from only a few dollars per pail on shipping to 0.50 cents per pail.

Royel Corp wet created and started the platform you see today in the laundry detergent fundraiser program you see today. Buying direct from us you will save or should i say raise twice as much, get faster turn around time, be able to ship anywhere at 90% discount. 

All products are warranties, satisfaction guaranteed and insured. 

Other benefits: The ability to resell, offer top leading national brands such as Alondra Detergent, Rhea Detergent, Soffia Softener and more. Or resell under your school fundraiser brand, private label, etc.

Google our brands and company for thousands of possible results, reviews, services, and more.

Who can we resell laundry detergents to? Includes Fundraising, Fundraisers, Schools, PTO, Boosters, and more!

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or visit: http://royeldealtime.com

Be sure to check out this websites homepage as well for additional information and products. 

Royel Crop WET - is the manufacture: Fund raise twice as much, faster turn around time, access to national brand name products, warranty, satisfaction guaranteed and insured products.