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Laundry Detergent Fundraiser | Distributor info and offers

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In the past 9 months, we've given away hundreds of boxes of free detergent pillows. That's tens of thousands of loads of laundry! And now we want to do it again.

For every order paid in September, we'll be adding a FREE box of our laundry detergent pillows to EACH full pallet shipped. And since each box is 154 pillows, the savings add up fast.

But we also hear our customers asking if we've got any new products on the horizon. We're proud to announce FOUR new items available in the coming weeks.

By September of this year we are planning to release the following products in water soluble pillows:

  • OxyHelp stain remover: For stain removal in both laundry and carpet cleaning (and other applications). Box of 150 water soluble pillows (6 lb box).
  • Machine Dish Detergent: Powder formulation that quickly dissolves, and it is added to the regular dispenser of the machine. Box of 150 pillows (6 lb box). We also plan on adding a bottle of Rinse Aid as an all-in-one solution.
  • Laundry Detergent Powder: Our strong powder formula now in water soluble pillows. Quick dissolves and fortified with OxyHelp stain remover. Box of 150 pillows (6 lb box).
  • All Purpose Cleaner: A system consisting of a high foaming sprayer bottle and a bag of 20 water soluble All Purpose Pillows (1.5 lb box). By dissolving one pillow into the sprayer bottle, the customer creates 500 ml of ready to use All Purpose Cleaner. We intend for this to be a very inexpensive way of delivering the final product, much less expensive than retail stores. The high-foam sprayer permits the cleaner to cling to vertical surfaces (several benefits here) and if the customer requires a stronger cleaner, say for degreasing applications, they can tackle tougher stains/grease by dissolving 2, 3 or 4 pillows into the same bottle. This cannot be achieved with any other products currently in the market

As mentioned above, we will also give a box of our liquid laundry pillows free for every pallet purchased as a promotion for the month, while supplies last. Once we've exhausted the last of our inventory, we're going to re-design the current liquid pillows to offer packages of 150 pillows per box (currently 154) of 12 grams per pillow (4 lb box). This will allow the distribution line to reduce costs all the way to the consumer while keeping the options of liquid or powder detergents.

As always, we'd love to heard any feedback or questions you might have. Please contact us at 773-590-0722 or royeldealtimeinc@att.net

New update: 09-01-2016 

Distributors Notice:

Many of you saw our email/posts last week about the new products on the horizon and the upcoming promotion for September 2016. "But WET," you said, "what else you got?" So we're adding more.

For the month of September (while supplies last!), we're also giving a 10% discount off ALL orders of liquid laundry detergent pillows. This is ON TOP of any quantity discount you already apply for, AND IN ADDITION to the free box of pillows for each pallet. Get 'em while it lasts!

You'll see these products are also eligible for quantity discounts, but in a slightly different way than the detergents. If you have any questions regarding your specific order, just let us know! We're happy to help.

Contact us: 773-590-0722 or email us royeldealtimeinc@att.net

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